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Arrow Laser can successfully cut a vast array of materials. They include:


* Mild Steel: up to 20mm thick
* Stainless Steel: up to 16mm thick ("clean cut" or standard cut)
* Manganese, Spring Steel, Tool Steels: up to 16mm thick
* Galvanised, Zinc sealed, Zinc annealed: up to 3mm thick
* Aluminium Alloys: up to 12mm thick
* Titanium: up to 5mm thick
* Brass: up to 3mm thick


* Acrylic (Perspex): up to 50mm
* Polycarbonate (Lexan): up to 25mm
* HDPE, UHMWPE, HIPS, ABS, Polypropylene: up to 20mm
* Polyurethane Packing Foam: up to 100mm
* Polystyrene Expanded Foam: up to 75mm
* Rubber (synthetic, natural): up to 10mm


* MDF, Particle Board, Plywood, Solid Timber, Laminex: up to 50mm
* Textiles, Fabrics, Carpets (synthetic, natural): up to 6mm
* Cement sheet: up to 20mm
* Fibreglass: up to 10mm
* Quartz Glass: up to 2mm